In the rush of meeting narrow deadlines at work, we often miss out on the essential routine care that our skin deserves. With the arrival of the holiday season, the final fortnight of 2018 will be marked by a series of lavish parties and glamorous get-togethers. So here is a list of beauty hacks that can come in handy for you at the last moment. You may want to glance over them before sliding into that cocktail dress or drawing the perfect winged eyeliner. As the pressure of being the dancing diva or singing star starts to mount, we unravel the secrets of donning that perfect party look with ease…

Do away with dark circles

On a daily basis, we spend 8-9 hours glued to our desk with the computer screen staring at us. The puffiness of our eyes is further coupled with our irregular sleeping patterns. However, do not let that be a botheration as you decide upon your Christmas look. Use tea bags over your eyes to combat the problem overnight. Dunk them in hot water and then let it cool, before you place them over your eyes.

Prep it before you paint it

The holiday season is all about wrapping up the best surprises! Similarly in order to look gorgeous, one does need to make some effort. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the three mandatory steps to attain a flawless radiance. In the week prior to the parties, pamper your skin and revive the inherent glow. It will help you in the course of all the makeup experiments and style techniques that you may venture upon.

Pout with perfection

Always go for the lip color that enhances your face in the best possible way. Dab a heavy layer of cold cream or oil overnight on your lips to get the luscious look the next day. Moreover using a liner around it can give the illusion of fuller looking lips. If you possess a flair for experimentation, then go for a lip color that matches your bag or sandals rather than syncing it with the color of your dress.

Tease with your tresses

Before using the heating instruments on your hair, get a delicate and thorough hair wash with egg or curd or a mix of both. This mix is the perfect answer to smooth yet voluminous hair. Curl it up or straighten it down but do not proceed without reviving your dull and greasy hair. Before leaving for the night apply a light serum on your hair to get the glaze and softness that will outlast every party adventure.

Keep calm and spray on

Never underestimate the charm of a good fragrance. It is the best way to leave a lasting impression and a lingering effect on the mind of every person you come across. So wear a nice one before you step out in your high heels, ready to have a gala time.

We all vie for a long-lasting radiant look as we go about reveling and indulging in toothsome delicacies throughout the night. Following these style tips would ensure that eyebrows are raised, and compliments are showered. With a detailed skincare and haircare routine, you can become the cynosure of every camera and the crush of every cameraman! Flaunt your Christmas couture with pride and most importantly, enjoy every second of it!